Yarrington Ltd


Launched in 1999, Metro’s core product, was designed to brighten up the morning commute for an Urbanite audience and it does that today as well as ever before. Metro’s content is concise, relevant and engaging, presented in a visually appealing, well designed fashion.

The Metro Trade site was built to supply customers who are looking to advertise in The Metro with all the relevant information they would need to make the decision on how and why to advertise with Metro.

It was requested that the site was built in WordPress as the current consumer site is built on WordPress and they wanted all their sites to be built in the same system.

This is now the 4th version of the Metro Trade site that we have built for The Metro over the many years we have worked for them.

Metro commissioned Yarrington to design and print a creative showcase to show what Metro can do in print.

They wanted it to feel like an independent print journal, with uncoated stock and a perfect bound spine. The book included various finishes and different types of paper mechanics ranging from transparent pages to a cascade effect.

The book was completed on time and on budget. It was so well received within the industry, that they immediately requested a reprint for 500 more books.